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Writer/photographer Chip Duncan explores explores the human toll of disaster and conflict in South Asia and Africa

Finding hope in the face of international crisis isn't easy to do, but award-winning filmmaker and journalist Chip Duncan discovers just that in an engaging new account of humanitarian efforts in the world's most challenging and deadly trouble spots.

Duncan chronicles his travels to some of the most heartbreaking and desperate places on the planet. He introduces us to displaced inhabitants of refugee camps in Darfur, homeless children and widowers following a devastating earthquake in Pakistan, and the strong survivors of a generation of warfare in Afghanistan. What Duncan finds are compelling and hopeful stories of people who defy the word victim while embracing the future.

Duncan visited Afghanistan in 2005 with a team from Save the Children ( along with acclaimed actor Ben Kingsley and fellow volunteer Mike Speaks. On behalf of the international humanitarian group Relief International (, Duncan, Kingsley and Speaks visited Pakistan in early 2006. Their goal was to document the aftermath of the devastating earthquake that killed more than 75,000 people and left as many as 2 million people homeless. Following their trip, Duncan and Kingsley embarked on an extensive fundraising trip for Relief International that included major events in California, Wisconsin and New York. In January, 2008, Duncan visited North Darfur, Sudan for Relief International. He is also a member of the Relief International Board of Directors. For more information on the work of Relief International, please visit

Enough To Go Around also includes stories behind work Duncan has completed in Ethiopia and Kenya.

Attempting to rise above the often-irrational fear that arose as a result the terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001 Enough To Go Around shows the pitfalls of ignoring history and dehumanizing entire populations. The end result is not only a moving portrait of displaced people and humanitarian aid workers, it's an examination of how many in the West fail to see the hope and beauty of the developing world. With respect to two decades of experience in the developing world, Duncan says, "While we have much to share and teach, we also need to listen and learn. Empowerment is a two-way street, and enlightenment can be found anywhere."

As much art as it is an impassioned plea, Enough To Go Around challenges readers to live up to the responsibility that accompanies privilege by reaching out in a spirit of compassion and collaboration.

The foreword for Enough To Go Around was written by New York based philanthropist, Jennifer Buffett. Ms. Buffett is an inspiration to many and a leading voice around the world on issues related to the empowerment of girls and women.

This book was made possible, in part, by the generous support of Colleen & David Martin, M•CAM (, Charlottesville, Virginia and by Cook & Franke SC, Milwaukee, Wisconsin and by Michael Skipper, New York City.

Enough To Go Around -- Searching for Hope in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Darfur (ISBN 978-1-59079-198-1; $34.95 US), published by SelectBooks, Inc., is available now in bookstores.